Are false eyelashes safe?

Yes, false eyelashes are generally safe. One thing to be aware of is an allergic reaction to some types of lash glue. If you have never used fake eyelash glue before, it is recommended to perform a patch test on your hand, and to read through the ingredient list before use. 

Do false lashes damage your real lashes?  

In comparison to lash extensions, false lashes do not damage your real lashes as much. Unlike lash extensions, false lashes are removable after each use and do not require upkeep. 

How long do false lashes last and why is that?

False eyelashes can last for multiple uses if taken care of properly after each use. To properly care for your false lashes, make sure to remove after each use and place back into the original container. Additionally, to maintain your lashes you can remove excess glue from the lash band after each use. Splashes Lashes false lashes last up to 10 uses with proper care. It is not recommended to get false lashes wet for any reason or risk losing their shape and/or decals. It is not recommended to wear false lashes overnight, remove false lashes after each use. 


 Tips/hacks for applying and maintaining false eyelashes?

There are multiple ways to apply false eyelashes. You can use their fingers, tweezers, or a fake lash applicator.  First, you want to apply a light layer of mascara to your lashes to ensure the false lashes will blend into your natural lashes. Next, apply a thin layer of glue to the band of the lash and wait about 20-40 seconds for the glue to dry. While the glue is drying on the lash band, bend the band in a circle touching the inner and outer corner of the lash to each other forming an O shape and when the inner and outer corner of the lash stick together, the lashes are ready to apply. It is important to bend your lash band before applying as it will help the lashes better fit to the natural curve of the eyelid. If you notice the corner of the lash coming up, you can brush a small amount of glue directly onto your eyelid to help adhere the corners. You can also watch our "How to Apply" video. 


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