How to Apply

 How to Apply:

1. Carefully remove eyelashes from the package

2. Apply Lash Glue to the lash band

3. Let it dry for about 30 seconds - 1 minute

4. Bend the lash band, when both sides of the lash bands stick together, the lashes are ready to apply.

5. Tilt your head back to get a better view of your eyelid, use your lash applicator or hands to place the lash on your eyelid.

6. Adjust the inner corners and pinch your natural lashes and falsies together.

7. You're ready to wear!

 Disclaimer: These eyelashes have been tested and manufactured so that they will not effect your vision and you will not be able to see the decals. If there is any problem with the way they have been manufactured please view the information in our Returns section. Some eyes may be more sensitive than others, please be careful with application and use.

For a full tutorial please check out the video below.


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